Great Job, Internet!: Some kid built his own life-size BB-8, and now you can, too

It sure seemed like a dream come true when Disney and Sphero announced that a functioning BB-8 droid would be available in time for the holidays. Of course, that excitement dimmed a bit when we discovered that the smartphone-controlled toy was about the size of a smurf; it was downright depressing to learn that it wouldn’t be projecting half of the galactic map needed to locate a reclusive Luke Skywalker.

Of course, there’s been some DIY instructions to create you own ball droid, but like so many other STEM-related projects, BB-8 has been hampered by the need to fork over some cash to get a 3-D printer, at which point you might as well just buy the official version.

Like a Jedi master sensing a million consumers crying out in frustration, 17-year-old Angelo Casimiro feels your pain. The builder from the the Philippines started with the Sphero version …

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