Great Job, Internet!: Some dude has created VHS covers for modern movies and TV shows

There is an undeniable lure to obsolete media. The internet proves it every day. Case in point: a stubborn revival of the VHS format. Supplanted by DVD, which in turn was supplanted by streaming video, the once-mighty, now-humbled Video Home System is now bathed in the warm, forgiving light of nostalgia. Wiped clean away are any unpleasant memories of unraveling tape spools, hopelessly jammed machines, forever-blinking digital time displays, late fees at video rental stores, judgmental clerks, and less-than-pristine image quality, not to mention the horror that was panning and scanning. All that remains in the collective unconscious is a vague yearning for those admittedly eye-catching VHS covers of yore, those oh-so-tempting rectangles of delight that once filled up aisle after aisle in rental and retail establishments alike, igniting the imaginations of all who saw them.

In that backwards-looking spirit, there is now a very cleverly-designed Tumblr that presents appropriately …

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