Great Job, Internet!: SNL writer is responding to all of Trump’s tweets like personal texts

One of the more obnoxious and spiritually degrading things about having a dumb president in the internet age is that we’re forced to see all of his dumb thoughts anytime he decides to send them to the tiny computers we keep in our pockets. Keeping up with every 140-character complaint, attack, and brand promotion the commander in chief tweets out can get exhausting. Unless, of course, you approach these tweets with the same blasé attitude you would a text from your least interesting friend.

SNL writer Josh Patten has been doing exactly that for the past week. So far, the fairly simple game has succeeded where so many other mockeries of Trump have failed. It’s managed to make Donald Trump seem small.

Proud to unveil my new, incredibly stupid project: Responding To Trump Tweets Like They Were Texts

— Josh Patten (@thejoshpatten) July 16, 2017 …

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