Great Job, Internet!: Sneakers get shoehorned into movies all the time

Whether one is playing a little basketball (against humans or cartoons), traveling through time, or exacting sweet revenge against one’s enemies, there is no shoe quite as versatile as the sneaker. Now, Parisian filmmaker Candice Drouet, who operates under the rather misleading banner Really Dim, has assembled an eye-popping supercut entitled “Sneakers In Movies” to pay tribute to the greatest gym shoes in cinema. While sneakers have been appearing in movies since their early days, Drouet’s minute-long montage confines itself to films made in the 1980s and later. Still in all, this allows for excerpts from movies as varied as Dope, Blade Runner, Forrest Gump, and Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. Thanks to his Nike endorsements, Spike Lee is perhaps the director most closely associated with sneakers. Appropriately, two of his films, Do The Right Thing and He Got Game, are included here. The …

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