Great Job, Internet!: “Simpsonwave” is the most wack, tripped-out Simpsons meme ever

Counting the time it spent as a segment on The Tracey Ullman Show, The Simpsons has been a part of the Fox lineup for nearly 30 years. Think about that. When Matt Groening and company started, Reagan was still in office, and most of today’s pop stars were not yet born. As radical and forward-thinking as the show was, it’s still a product of the late ’80s. So it’s understandable that self-aware nostalgia has crept into Simpsons memes. A perfect example is “Simpsonwave,” a surprisingly popular and prolific genre of YouTube videos in which digitally altered clips from vintage Simpsons episodes are synced to blippy, blissed-out vaporwave music. Since vaporwave self-consciously evokes the synthpop of the past as a mockery of popular music in general, it makes a very apt soundtrack for old-school Simpsons clips. The animation itself is often given a purplish tint, and glitchy VHS-style …

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