Great Job, Internet!: Shred through this megamix of every Thin Lizzy guitar solo

For those who love the dramatic catharsis an epic guitar solo adds to a song, but don’t want to deal with dumb, boring song elements like intros, outros, choruses, bridges, or vocals, here’s a megamix of every Thin Lizzy guitar solo spanning the group’s dozen studio albums. The 112-minute compilation features “around a hundred” solos (the creator must have gotten trapped in a fog of radical wailing and lost count) from all of Thin Lizzy’s major guitarists: Eric Bell, Scott Gorham, Brian Roberston, Gary Moore, Snowy White, and John Sykes, as well as two keyboard solos by Darren Wharton. The mix is aesthetic rather than chronological, and breaks down thus, according to the YouTube description:

00:00 Peak Period 1979 – 1980 (maybe not the best LPs, but the best solos)

12:36 Early Years 1971-1973 kinda Psych Prog Power Trio-ish

36:13 Twin Guitar Harmony Attack …

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