Great Job, Internet!: Should Mrs. Doubtfire have been arrested?

In 1992, Robin Williams seemed to be an unstoppable force of box-office gold. A look at the previous five years now feels like a high-water mark for his career, with the release of Good Morning Vietnam, Awakenings, Dead Poets Society, The Fisher King, and Aladdin. Even cult favorites, like Shakes The Clown, and weird misfires like Toys, made use of Williams’ skills. But Chris Columbus’ 1993 divorce-comedy Mrs. Doubtfire felt like it might signal the domestication of Robin Williams, and that wasn’t the only potential crime associated with the movie. Supercompressor brought in a crack legal team (actually just a single lawyer) to take a closer look at Mrs. Doubtfire’s shenanigans, as well as the legal circumstances surrounding alter-ego Daniel Hillard’s custody arrangements that gave birth to the rubber-faced nanny.

Who wouldn’t let this person watch their kids? – Mrs. Doubtfire

From the start, there’s some …

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