Great Job, Internet!: Short film Fuck Buddies is icky, sad, and surprisingly terrifying

It all starts as fun and games. Ellie (Sharon Belle) and Joseph (Alexander Plouffe) are friends and roommates who both happen to enjoy Vincent Price movies, Pachelbel’s Canon in D-major, burnt eggs, and quick, aerobic bouts of sex with each other. But it’s all strictly platonic. No labels. No commitments. Just a little fun. What could possibly go wrong? A 20-minute, profoundly NSFW short film called Fuck Buddies, written and directed by Nate Wilson, spells out in graphic detail exactly what goes wrong and how. The answer turns out to be more supernatural/otherworldly than Ellie, Joseph, or the audience may have guessed. There are also a great many fluids involved. Made in Toronto but not thematically tied to any particular locale, Fuck Buddies has been making the rounds at film festivals of late, and now the entire film has been uploaded to Vimeo. Adventurous viewers are advised …

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