Great Job, Internet!: Shaving Star Wars takes a straight razor to Star Wars characters

It’s common knowledge that inhabiting the Star Wars universe is to live in near-constant danger of having one limb or another lost to an errant lightsaber strike. You’re just minding your business enjoying a glass of blue milk, when just like that, your hand becomes just another cauterized lump of collateral damage in an internecine feud between warring space-wizards.

But what if the Jedi, instead of being a cult of dismemberment-happy warrior-monks, were instead barbers? That seems to be the conceit pursued by the folks over at West Coast Shaving when they took it upon themselves to remove the facial hair from many of the Star Wars characters in this series of pictures. Whether it’s the sage beard of a Jedi Master or the authoritarian porn-stache of an Imperial officer, no one is safe from having their signature whiskers utterly disintegrated.

The main takeaway of this project …

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