Great Job, Internet!: Set in 2015, Mad Men would be full of branded content and social actualization

We’ve seen what Seinfeld would look like in modern times, but what would the world of Mad Men look like in 2015? Well, Stan’s season-seven hair and beard would actually still be pretty in. So would Don’s James Dean daydream look from the finale. The finale flannel, too. Hey, fashion is cyclical. Vanity Fair also once imagined what the Mad Men characters’ social media presences might look like.

A new tumblr called Mad Men Integrated looks not at how the fashion and culture would necessarily translate to today, but rather how the workplace might change. Suddenly, Don Draper and crew are talking about data trends, Vines, hashtags, Tumblr, and Snapchat. Bert Cooper’s taking Chipotle orders, and Kenny’s waiting on his Seamless order. Don Draper, meanwhile, is having none of your banner debrief.

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