Great Job, Internet!: See why putting a jet engine on a go-kart is amazing, or amazingly stupid

Wacky invention enthusiast Colin Furze has posted a mashup to YouTube, but it’s not the kind we usually share at The A.V. Club. Instead of mashing media like Dinosaurs sitcom footage and The Notorious B.I.G., Furze has mashed up actual physical objects. Specifically, a go-kart and a pair of jet engines have been welded together, resulting in a “jet-kart,” something that Furze describes as the “most MENTAL kart EVER.”

Watch Furze express unbridled ebullience as he roars down an airstrip, piloting a deathtrap of his own devising. The lack of helmet and seatbelt is disconcerting, but seeing as the jet-kart reaches a top speed of 60 miles an hour, it’s not clear whether safety equipment has any role to play here. And, given that both engines are glowing white-hot during the night footage, perhaps being launched dozens of feet in the air would be preferable …

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