Great Job, Internet!: See how Criterion turned its Guillermo del Toro set into an evil puzzle box

The ostensible reason to invest in a Criterion Collection edition of a movie is its reference-quality audio and video, its thoughtful critical notes, and its surplus of supplemental documentaries and commentaries. But another huge part of it is the thrill of seeing its cover, which reliably reimagines the accompanying movie’s themes and images.

Earlier this month, Criterion released Guillermo del Toro’s 2006 dark fantasy Pan’s Labyrinth, which occasioned a separate release containing all of del Toro’s Criterion editions. While you can get that three-pack in a typically striking slipcase on DVD, the Blu-ray versions demand an enclosure as nightmarish as its contents. Over on the Criterion website, designer Eric Skillman traced the creative process for all of the company’s work with del Toro.

Each of the individual editions feature striking comic book-style images. Cronos‘ 2010 Criterion edition pulled in Hellboy artist Mike Mignola to design …

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