Great Job, Internet!: Season three credits of The Simpsons and The Wire = The Wiresons

In some ways, the opening credits for The Wire and The Simpsons have a lot in common. Both shows’ credit sequences stick to a basic essential template, but update and alter it throughout the seasons in noteworthy and interesting ways. Sure, The Wire has a different iteration of its theme song from year to year, but Lisa’s saxophone solo varies accordingly, as well. Plus, both shows had a third season. (Sorry, Party Down—we still miss you!)

This fusion of the two shows—setting The Wire‘s season three song to clips from season three of The Simpsons, mimicking the same visual cues as the HBO show—results in The Wiresons, an animated series about the complex and politically fraught world of a cartoon Baltimore. Credit should go to YouTuber CasimirN for managing to take clips from only season three of the animated hit and turn it into a …

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