Great Job, Internet!: Sean Spicer’s love of the word “phenomenal” gets inevitable Muppets mashup

There’s plenty of things White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer doesn’t find phenomenal—Dippin’ Dots, Daft Punk, Super Soakers—but there’s also some things he does, such as the word “phenomenal.” Perhaps taking after his boss’ description of all things as “tremendous,” Spicer is also proving that he has “the best words” by adopting a word of his own. In this new mashup, we get not only a collection of Spicer’s many utterances of the word, but also a reminder that it sorta sounds like the Muppets’ famous “Mahna Mahna”.

While amusing, Spicer is ultimately a poor stand-in for the true Mahna Mahna. We all know he was always meant to play the Easter Bunny.

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