Great Job, Internet!: Sean Spicer moved off-camera because he “got fatter,” says human landfill Steve Bannon

Earlier today, we reported that Sean Spicer is potentially being “promoted” to a position that’ll keep him away from the cameras. This is probably a good thing for Spicer, as he seems to recently have realized that being filmed while defending Donald Trump’s actions in an official setting requires a sort of cognitive elasticity achievable only by being a senile, mentally unhinged old man, which is to say, our president. A series of inside articles have also accompanied this news—from Bloomberg, Politico, and The Atlantic, the last of which was able to get sentient pustule Steve Bannon’s take on the matter.

In describing the fact that Michael Dubke’s recent departure has created an opening for Spicer to ostensibly step into the role of communications director, Atlantic writer Rosie Gray reports:

Neither Spicer nor deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders responded to queries about the changes to …

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