Great Job, Internet!: Screentendo turns desktops into playable Mario levels

Ever stared at the screen, with all its files and folders, and thought β€œit’d be really fun to run around on there as a plucky Italian plumber?” If the answer is yes, then Screentendo may be the app that finally fulfills those dreams. Developed by Aaron Randall, Screentendo uses Cocoa and Sprite Kit to create a transparent window that then converts the underlying objects into Mario-style bricks before dropping in the Nintendo mascot to run around and bash them up as the user sees fit.

Those interested can learn more about how the app works, the process of conversion, and other technical elements (as well as download Screentendo) by visiting Randall’s blog. There’s a proof of concept video below that shows the simplicity of the app, but also demonstrates how entertaining it can be to bash apart the Google logo.

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