Great Job, Internet!: Scholastic is running a bracket to find the ultimate Goosebumps book

Gamblers beware, you’re in for a scare. Especially if you’re scared of March-induced bracketing, the phenomenon that pits everything under the sun against everything above the sun in a single-elimination free for all. R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books, the children’s-horror-serial-turned-nostalgia-gold-mine, are the latest item to get the treatment, with publisher Scholastic announcing a popularity poll to determine the greatest of Stine’s disposable masterworks.

While the prize deadline for accurately predicting the poll’s ultimate winner has passed (a prospect that was ruined the moment the number-crunching nerds got into the game, anyway, with their mummyball and scarebermetrics), you can still play along at home, betting whether perennial favorite Night Of The Living Dummy can overcome the challenge presented by late up-and-comer Monster Blood IV, long considered the artistic pinnacle of the Monster Blood franchise. You can get your blank brackets from Scholastic here, and get …

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