Great Job, Internet!: Sabbath Night Live is weird, annoying, and perfect

To call this video a parody of Saturday Night Live‘s opening sequence would be technically correct but missing the point—like referring to The Godfather as a family drama or Charles Manson as an above-average charismatic guy. Yes, Sabbath Night Live is a parody of those iconic credits, but it’s so much more.

At the risk of ever-so-slight overstatement, to watch this newest strange offering from New York-based comedians Jordan Olds and Drew Kaufman is to take the most eventful cerebral journey of one’s life. Okay, let’s take that back a notch or two: Sabbath Night Live is really fun! Right off the bat, you get the joke. (“Oh, ‘Sabbath’ instead of ‘Saturday,’ and they’re Orthodox Jews.”) That’s good for a smile. A quick look down at the timeline will show that there’s still another 93 seconds left to go. They can’t …

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