Great Job, Internet!: Roger Moore kept a diary while making Live And Let Die and it is truly wild

Not everything about Live And Let Die, James Bond’s blaxploitation adventure, has aged well. The rubber snakes shown are not very convincing, for one thing, and for another the whole movie is really racist. (A review in The New York Times noted that you rarely saw its level of racial animus in theaters “these days,” meaning 1973.) But there is something about the film, apart from the crocodile stunt, that’s only gotten more amazing over time: the shooting journal that Roger Moore wrote as an official tie-in, which Phil Nobile Jr. of Birth. Movies. Death. has brought to the internet’s attention.

Writing with the candor of a man who knows that nobody is ever giving his role back to George Lazenby, Moore fills his book with powerful burns on producer Harry Saltzman:

Harry has a nasty habit of walking into a restaurant and demanding whether the service …

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