Great Job, Internet!: Rock Against Drugs PSAs were strangely trippy in the 1980s

Drugs and rock ‘n’ roll have a long and storied history and have accomplished a great deal together. Among their most famous collaborations is the entire 1970s. But all long-running marriages have their occasional rocky patches, and one such patch occurred in the late 1980s, at the height of Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” crusade, when a group of prominent and then-prominent musicians were recruited to appear in a series of oddly hallucinogenic PSAs as part of a campaign called Rock Against Drugs. The ads were created in response to a direct rebuke from the President and Mrs. Reagan, who criticized the music industry for glamorizing illicit substances in the eyes of impressionable young people. Madonna, that polluter of minds, had even smoked marijuana in Desperately Seeking Susan. As demonstrated by a seven-minute montage of vintage PSAs, Rock Against Drugs attracted an eclectic lineup of musicians. Here, you’ll …

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