Great Job, Internet!: Rick Springfield has an impressive collection of Star Wars action figures

Rick Springfield, singer, songwriter, and actor is apparently also a big ol’ geek. In addition to vintage rockets and robots, the former Dr. Noah Drake also has quite a collection of vintage Star Wars toys, according to Rolling Stone. Any speculation that Springfield may be a poser goes right out the window once he utters the words “double telescoping” in regard to lightsabers. As any collector can tell, Springfield is serious about these choking hazards.

“I actually like the toys more than I like the movies,” says Springfield. The power-pop singer would have been 26 around the time of the release of the first Star Wars (the toys came out in 1978), making him too old to be playing with action figures in an era where toys were sold exclusively to children. “I liked them. I loved the packaging, so I just bought them all and kept them in packages …

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