Great Job, Internet!: Rick And Morty shows how a plumbus is made, in almost too-graphic detail

No one in the Rick And Morty universe seems to know what a plumbus is or what it does, and yet the bulbous, flesh-colored device is nevertheless considered a must for every home. The necessity of owning a plumbus is simply taken as a given, possibly because it’s been marketed so well that it’s become integrated into daily life without actually serving any purpose. In that sense, it’s the perfect parody of useless but desirable consumer goods. But there’s more going on with the plumbus. Much more.

The vaguely obscene-looking gewgaw debuted in a September 2015 episode entitled “Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate.” At one point in that episode, the characters gather around to watch a show-within-a-show entitled How They Do It…, an obvious parody of Discovery’s long-running documentary series How It’s Made. While How It’s Made details the manufacturing of such everyday …

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