Great Job, Internet!: Rick And Morty comes to Grand Theft Auto V and it is terrifying

Grand Theft Auto games remain one of the great playgrounds for modders, the people who hop into game code and change things around to their whim. The GTA games are big sandboxes of interlocking systems and realistic graphics, making them ideal places to insert one new, off-kilter addition to then let run amok. The most jarring thing about a good mod is how natural it looks in its new setting.

That is certainly the case with these new Rick And Morty mods, which drop the two titular characters along with their spaceship and the beloved, existentially despairing character Mr. Meeseeks into the world of Los Santos. Once there, they partake of the many beloved activities within that city—particularly stabbing policemen, shooting helicopters out of the sky, shooting people, and going to strip clubs. It’s eerie as hell.

Check out this first video to see Rick raise hell on …

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