Great Job, Internet!: Revisit How I Met Your Mother’s weirdest background gag

Though the title How I Met Your Mother now invokes feelings of frustration about that truly terrible series finale, the show deserves credit for carving out its own wacky, slightly surreal sense of humor for nine seasons. And one post recently uploaded by Imgur user Eclipezz highlights the often under-appreciated details that went into shaping the show. In the season nine episode, “The Rehearsal Dinner,” there’s a scene in which Barney, Ted, Lily, and Marshall sit around making fun of Robin’s desire to get married in Canada. Meanwhile in the background a couple goes on a date, gets engaged, raises a child, and faces mortality as the husband dies and his elderly widow gets hit on while carrying his urn.

While the Imgur post suggests otherwise, the gag isn’t really that hidden (our own Donna Bowman pointed it out in her review three years ago). It’s …

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