Great Job, Internet!: Remembering the wild early days of online food delivery

It’s hard to imagine a world without GrubHub. In days of yore, getting food delivered to your house would be a whole ordeal, involving paper menus, phone calls, small talk, and a run to the ATM, among other inconveniences. Online ordering is undoubtedly efficient, but it wasn’t always so. In fact, its early days are riddled with failures and curiosities, all of which are chronicled in this new piece from Tedium.

The piece chronicles a few different innovations in the space, but most revealing is the swift rise and fall of CyberSlice (later renamed CyberMeals, which was later renamed It was inspired, after all, by a scene in the 1995 cyber thriller The Net, which finds Sandra Bullock ordering a pizza online from a site called, itself inspired by Pizza Hut’s PizzaNet, the chain’s first failed attempt to deliver pizza via the …

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