Great Job, Internet!: Relive the first days of Adult Swim with this nicely glitchy “time rift”

Cartoon Network unveiled its successful and long-lived Adult Swim programming block almost 15 years ago. That first night featured an experimental, three-hour late-night lineup, including Home Movies, The Brak Show, Space Ghost: Coast To Coast, Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law, and Cowboy Bebop. There must have been a great deal of skepticism over whether this scheduling gambit would work, but Adult Swim beat the odds and then some, changing the face of late-night TV and arguably the face of comedy itself in the process with its surrealist, stoner-friendly shows.

Adult Swim is now giving viewers the chance to recall what the good old days were like with a special feature on its site that is being billed as a “time rift.” Here are posted clips from all the shows on the channel’s first schedule (from September 2, 2001), complete with vintage advertisements. The images have been distorted to mimic …

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