Great Job, Internet!: Relive the early ’90s with this stash of playable Windows games

For the extremely casual gamer who had lacked the time, the money, the energy, and the inclination to seek out entertainment anywhere else, the simple but often addictive video games that came bundled with Microsoft’s ubiquitous Windows operating system were a godsend. A pixelated, low-res godsend to be sure, but a boon to cubicle drones and desk jockeys nevertheless. A few quick rounds of SkiFree or WinRisk could provide a much-needed respite, a sort of ultra-cheap vacation, for a bored student cobbling together some mind-numbing book report in Microsoft Word or a beleaguered employee trying to assemble a decent-looking graph of quarterly sales figures in Microsoft Excel. In the early 1990s, back when the first George Bush was still president, Windows games might have been one of America’s guiltiest pleasures. And now, thanks to, those glory days of Windows games can now be relived via The …

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