Great Job, Internet!: Relive slime-drenched memories with these ’90s Nickelodeon promos

“Hello out there from TV Land!” Among people who spent the 1990s parked in front of their televisions, gaping slack-jawed at hour after hour of basic cable programming, those words are likely to provoke more than just a twinge of nostalgia. Like its arguably cooler corporate brother, MTV, Nickelodeon excelled at the art of self-promotion, creating punchy promos that were arguably just as memorable and entertaining as the shows they were touting. The channel’s offbeat, irreverent approach to advertising, which extended to its Nick At Nite programming block and its Nick Jr. spin-off channel, helped to create considerable viewer interest in such original offerings as Eureeka’s Castle and Fred Penner’s Place, as well as cobwebbed reruns like Dennis The Menace and The Patty Duke Show. How to get people excited about 30-year-old My Three Sons repeats? Simple. Just add lyrics to the instrumental theme song: “Oh, My …

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