Great Job, Internet!: Redo your favorite Saturday Night Live sketches from the 40th season with Dubsmash

The 40th season of Saturday Night Live was like most other seasons of the show. It had its high points. It also had plenty of misses. But was one of those misses so bad that it’s still nagging you? Well, here’s good news.

As the season ended, SNL decided to let viewers recreate skits using the Dubsmash app. Users can access SNL’s audio clips through a folder on the app’s homepage and record a new video with them to add to Facebook, Instagram or whatever floats your social-media boat. SNL will select the best submissions hastagged #DubsmashSNL and promote them through its social media accounts. Only the digital shorts are available so far, but there will be more clips over the summer.

So come on—it’s a good time. Just look how much fun Cecily Strong and resident young person Pete Davidson are having.

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