Great Job, Internet!: Reddit gave its users something to fight over besides anime and cucks

April Fools’ Day is the goddamn worst, and (deep breath) it’s over. But Reddit is pretty good at it, all things considered. Rather than use the day as a reason to announce some giggly new fake feature, the massive forum chooses instead to play with their immense base of users. Last year they produced a massive button and asked people to kindly not click it. (They did. They all did.) This year, they produced a massive canvas called r/place (“our place,” perhaps) and allowed each user to modify one pixel every five minutes.

It’s easy to think of Reddit as a hive of bad memes and obscure porn fandoms, and, while it is that, it is also a meeting place for seemingly infinite other groups of people, all categorized by common interest. So what would they come together to paint, then? A dick? A pointless cacophony of …

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