Great Job, Internet!: Rebel Mike Pence breaks rules when Mother’s not looking

From what we know about Vice President Mike Pence, he’s not much of a risk-taker. More like a Boy Scout rule-follower to his absolute detriment, to the point where he’s afraid to be alone in a room with a woman that he’s not married to, and finds the Disney movie Mulan a bit too edgy.

So it was a shock to NASA, and the world, when on a visit to the Kennedy Space Center, Rebel Pence emerged. In flagrant disregard of what looks to be a message printed on a piece of white paper attached by a piece of yellow tape, the vice president clearly touched, with his unsullied hand, a piece of vague but certainly “Critical Space Flight Hardware” marked with a “DO NOT TOUCH” sign, confusingly in quotes.

A NASA source told The Verge that “‘it looks like the vice president is touching the forward …

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