Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Writers remember the movie art that terrified them as kids

Everybody has one (or two). For me, it was the poster for the 1995 Clint Howard movie Ice Cream Man (pictured above), which freaked me out way more than it should have considering I was 11 years old at the time. Years later, I actually saw the movie, and realized it was really dumb. But Ice Cream Man and its bloody ice cream cone topped with human eyeballs still have an outsized hold on my imagination, all due to a briefly glimpsed image in the horror section of a video store.

I was—and still kind of am—embarrassed about this. But ScreenCrush‘s Jacob Hall has reassured me that I am not alone by writing an article polling filmmakers and film writers about the movie posters, DVD, and VHS art (I have a similarly complicated relationship with the VHS for Motel Hell) that made a terrifying impression on them …

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