Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Why South Park is ignoring Donald Trump next season

The reality of President Donald Trump was not something a good chunk of this country was prepared for. This goes double for Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who had created an episode for South Park‘s past season pegged to the victory of Hillary Clinton. When that didn’t happen, Parker and Stone scrambled to rewrite the episode, resulting in “Oh, jeez,” an episode we found lacking in satirical bite. The episodes that followed were similarly uninspired. “What happens when it becomes evident that, as satirists, they aren’t quite as keyed in to the political landscape as they thought?” we wrote in our review of the season finale.

It seems that the state of country, both socially and politically, was proving itself comedically untenable for South Park. The finale even seemed to acknowledge as much when one character states that we’re now living in “a new, post-funny era …

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