Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Why networks have given up on educational shows for kids

Running a television network is a little bit like running a convenience store. It’s important to maximize every last bit of floor space (read: airtime) for maximum profitability. So what were the major networks to do back in 1990, when a watershed law called the Children’s Television Act required them to broadcast more educational programs for children with significantly less advertising allowed per half hour? The answer was to find a loophole in that law and then exploit the holy living hell out of it. That way, the networks could obey the letter of the law while basically ignoring the spirit of the law. In this case, the loophole was that the advertising restrictions only applied to shows aimed at preteens. If the networks claimed that their educational shows were targeted toward adolescents aged 13 to 16, they could cram several more minutes of commercials into every show …

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