Great Job, Internet!: Read This: What it’s like to be an extra on Game Of Thrones

Be warned, this post discusses a major character death on Game Of Thrones.

Serving as an extra in any scene of Game Of Thrones would be a dream come true for most fans. But as one of the many background players at the “Purple Wedding” in the show’s fourth season, Felipe Ferri had “the rare opportunity to see that little prick, King Joffrey, choke to death a dozen times just a few paces from me!”

Ferri took to Quora last year to answer a question about what it’s like to be an extra on Game Of Thrones. Since he had only read the first book, he didn’t immediately know the importance of the scene. But he writes, “If there is a situation where it is alright to receive a spoiler, that was it!”

Photo from Felipe Ferri

The wedding feast was shot over five days in Dubrovnik …

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