Great Job, Internet!: Read This: what Blackhat gets right about hacking

Michael Mann’s pulpy cybercrime thriller Blackhat, which opens today, has received plenty of pre-emptive criticism for casting the beefy Chris Hemsworth as a world-class hacker—despite the fact that Hemsworth’s character, Nick Hathaway, is largely modeled on Stephen Watt, the Norse-god-looking software engineer who stole $200 million from bank cards in the late 2000s.

Mann’s specialty is telling archetypal genre stories steeped in unconventional real-world detail, something that goes back to his first feature, Thief, a “one last score” movie in which safe-crackers pry vaults open with heavy-duty industrial equipment, much of which was loaned to Mann by the real-life thieves. Wired‘s article “Is Blackhat the Greatest Hacking Movie Ever? Hackers Think So” has a fairly thorough rundown of all the things Mann’s new movie gets right and wrong about cybersecurity—including plenty of details that might seem unrealistic to the average viewer, but are …

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