Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Uwe Boll now runs a popular restaurant, still thinks he’s a genius

Uwe Boll, the controversial director responsible for Postal, Blubberella, BloodRayne, and Tara Reid playing a scientist, is one of the most prolific living directors of this century, having directed and self-produced 30 films in his short career. Still, he’ll be always be remembered as, as this Vanity Fair profile so eloquently dubs, “the Donald Trump of directors, a brutish bully inclined to lash out against his detractors.” Boll was notorious for going after his critics, the culmination of which was the event “Raging Boll,” during which the beefy auteur literally beat the shit out of his detractors in a boxing ring (a 17-year-old victim apparently pissed blood afterward).

It’s hard to feel anything but scorn for someone such as Boll, but Vanity Fair‘s profile effectively peels back the layers, depicting a man who’s driven by intense artistic impulses despite not quite having the patience or tact …

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