Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Turns out real life Lord Voldemorts are pretty decent guys

Sometimes, it pays dividends to share a name with a celebrity or a fictional character. Remember that Taco Bell advertising campaign featuring guys named Ronald McDonald, for instance? That had to be worth something. Furthermore, having a moniker like “Bill Murray” or “Julia Roberts” on a driver’s license might conceivably get a person out of a speeding ticket someday. But what if an innocent Muggle shared the original name of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? As established in 1998’s Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets, noseless baddie Lord Voldemort’s given name was actually Tom Marvolo Riddle, an anagram of “I Am Lord Voldemort.” (That middle name seems like a bit of a cheat on J.K. Rowling’s part, honestly.) Recently, A.V. Club contributor Zach Schonfeld, who has also reported on the plights faced by hapless civilians named Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift, rounded up seven different …

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