Great Job, Internet!: Read This: They figured out what’s going on with Stonehenge, maybe

For centuries, the mystery of Stonehenge has intrigued people not only in Britain but the world over. Archaeologists and scholars have puzzled over the ancient purpose of these massive stone pillars, but every time they seem close to the truth about their neolithic builders, a host of new questions unfolds before them. Who were they? What were they doing? Did the children of Stonehenge dance beneath the haunted moon?

According to a new piece in BBC Travel, a coherent story about the popular tourist attraction may actually be coming together thanks to some recent research projects. Using underground radar and magnetic imaging techniques, the Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project has discovered evidence of hundreds of other structures and monuments in the area surrounding Stonehenge, meaning this area held significance long before the iconic stone circle was erected. In fact, Stonehenge may be the link between various other monuments stretching all the …

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