Great Job, Internet!: Read This: The story behind the Mama Said Knock You Out album cover

25 years ago today, LL Cool J confidently proclaimed, “Don’t call it a comeback; I’ve been here for years,” and a classic was born. Bolstered by an MTV Unplugged performance that introduced acoustic hip-hop arrangements long before anybody outside of CAPA had heard of The Roots, LL Cool J cemented his legacy in hip-hop with Mama Said Knock You Out. Over the intervening quarter century, Ladies Love Cool James has become so ingrained in our minds as the muscle-bound mainstay of awards shows and CBS police procedurals, it’s easy to forget that he was once a scrawny Long Island kid known for rocking Kangol bucket hats and track suits. He was also up against the ropes before Mama Said Knock You Out turned him into MTV royalty.

As part of its Uncovered series, Egotripland interviewed Cey Adams, a New York based artist who designed album covers for …

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