Great Job, Internet!: Read This: The New York Times goes inside The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

For those hungry for even more details and news about Stephen Colbert’s Late Show revamp, The New York Times has you covered. In an incredibly interesting and endearing profile, the paper talked to the host, who it calls “The Late Night Hope.” Though the piece is lengthy, it’s interesting, especially for those who are interested in both Colbert’s comedy and in how a television show is developed.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out you can’t just launch a late night talk show. Colbert, it seems, has been given a bit of carte blanche by CBS. For instance:

His line of work requires such decisiveness, Mr. Colbert said, not just to navigate the sheer number of choices constantly hurled at him, but because, at its best, a late-night program should be a pure expression of its host and his staff.

“You can make the show into anything you want …

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