Great Job, Internet!: Read This: The man who wrote Groundhog Day is living it

Just weeks before the opening of the new Broadway musical Groundhog Dog, Vulture has a very sweet profile of Danny Rubin, the original Groundhog Day screenwriter who is bringing this new stage version to life too. It’s a story that could be tinged with bitterness; Groundhog Day is basically Rubin’s one claim to fame and he has struggled to work within the Hollywood system after its success. Instead, Rubin comes across as affable, eccentric, and content with his rather odd career path.

Australian comedian Tim Minchin, who wrote the music and lyrics to Groundhog Day: The Musical, describes Rubin as “an incredibly gentle, sensitive guy, too good for the world he ended up in, too pure in his desire to write interesting things for Hollywood.” Indeed, Vulture‘s profile is full of stories about Rubin refusing to play nice with the Hollywood execs who courted him after Groundhog …

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