Great Job, Internet!: Read This: The guy behind the National Enquirer wants all journalism to be pro-Trump

American journalism is in a precarious position. Our president, for example, publicly decries our most treasured news sources as “fake” when they do any actual reporting, then gives White House press passes to outlets that sell bogus supplements and tell grieving parents that, no, their children actually weren’t killed at Sandy Hook. And then there’s billionaire Peter Thiel, who bankrolled a lawsuit for Hulk Hogan in order to bankrupt a media company that said some things he didn’t like. It’s all documented in Nobody Speak: Trials Of The Free Press, a new documentary that’s one of the scariest films to come out this year.

And now there’s David Pecker. At first glance, he may not seem like a threat. As chief executive of American Media, Inc., he owns a fleet of tabloids and gossip magazines, including the National Enquirer, which is perhaps most famous …

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