Great Job, Internet!: Read This: The fight over racism in Star Wars

Earlier this week, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry made some claims of racism in the Star Wars films that would cause even the most ardent social justice warrior to groan. While her claims that Darth Vader—voiced by James Earl Jones and clad in all black—only becomes good again when it’s revealed that he’s white are off base, the Star Wars franchise has endured claims of racism and sexism since the release of the 1977 original that certainly hold quite a bit of weight.

Matthew Monagle of Film School Rejects wrote a fascinating article based around an opinion piece titled “The Great White Void” that was published in the Los Angeles Times in July of 1977. Written by black actor Raymond St. Jacques, the piece “took issue with science fiction stories that refuse to acknowledge racial diversity.” According to Monagle’s article, the Times published “a wide selection …

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