Great Job, Internet!: Read This: That time Morrissey screwed up Bill Cosby’s Tonight Show appearance

American comedian-actor and alleged rapist Bill Cosby and British alt-crooner Morrissey have very little in common. And yet, their paths crossed in a very turbulent and public way on June 14, 1991, when they were both booked as guests on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, as Dan Ozzi describes in a compelling article for Vice‘s Noisey. At the time, Cosby—star of his own Emmy-winning sitcom—was arguably the most famous and beloved celebrity in the world, and the former Smiths singer was definitely kind of well-known. He wasn’t Cosby-level famous, though, at least not with mass audiences. But by that late-spring day, following the release of his third solo album, Kill Uncle, he had amassed a small but fervent army of fans, many of whom had descended upon Carson’s Burbank studio in hopes of muscling their way inside for the taping.

One of the two …

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