Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Thanks to Marvel and Disney, endings are now obsolete

For many characters in popular, long-running franchises, there is no such thing as retirement or living “happily ever after.” Fans keep demanding new adventures of old favorites, and so familiar heroes are no longer allowed to live out their golden years in peace and seclusion. This applies manifestly to both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Star Wars saga, especially now that both are under the aegis of Walt Disney and CEO Robert Iger. An essay called “Unfinished Business” in The Guardian by Nicholas Barber argues that this trend robs films of something essential and wonderful: Unlike real people, movie characters can expect to face “one or two major crises in their lives, whereupon they could look forward to indefinite rest and recuperation.” That is a very satisfying idea, and it’s being snuffed out with each sequel and reboot. Exhibit A in Barber’s case is, naturally, The Force …

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