Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Siri may slowly be ridding the world of regional accents

Colloquial accents and mass media have never gotten along particularly well. In decades past, radio, movies, and TV have all been blamed for homogenizing language and teaching people to talk the same way. And in the new millennium, the regional drawl may be facing its most formidable opponent yet: Apple’s prerecorded, voice-activated digital assistant Siri, whose eerily calm, accent-free utterances can be heard piping from iPhones everywhere. Siri is a whiz at finding nearby restaurants and businesses, and she can even (sort of) keep up her half of a conversation. But, as revealed in an article by Tom Dart in The Guardian, Siri doesn’t always know how to deal with regional accents and expressions. The article concludes: “Siri is at her best when addressed in standard English, with accents toned down and slang avoided where possible.”

That’s potentially bad news for anyone who delights in the endlessly …

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