Great Job, Internet!: Read this savage review of an unfathomably expensive Parisian “gastro-palace”

When Guy Fieri opens a joint whose signature dish is donkey sauce you can sorta expect the horrific reviews that will follow. Not so with the time-honored culinary institutions of the world, the expensive, high-end restaurants that ostensibly serve once-in-a-lifetime meals. The Guardian restaurant critic Jay Rayner certainly didn’t think so when he decided visit Paris’ Le Cinq for “an observational piece” that he figured would be “full of moments of joy and bliss of the sort only stupid amounts of cash can buy.”

“We’d all have a good laugh at rich people,” he continues, “and then return to business as usual, a little wiser.” Things … didn’t go as planned.

Rayner’s searing review of Le Cinq, a Michelin three-star restaurant where single dishes can run up to 140 euros, is a verbal takedown that makes Pete Wells’ New York Times review of Guy’s American Kitchen …

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