Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Remaking the music canon around women

NPR has put together a list of 150 records that orient the established pop music canon around records made by women. The criteria were kept intentionally loose, with the 50 voters considering any “albums by artists who identify as female” and “some by mixed-gender bands” that the voters felt relied on “women’s creativity for their spark.”

In her accompanying essay, NPR Music critic Ann Powers talks candidly about the rationale for the list, and the many considerations and contradictions inherent in such a project.

Another way to look at a list is as the beginning of new conversation. One is still needed when it comes to women’s place in music history, despite decades of efforts by feminist historians, critics, activists and musicians themselves. For the past half-century — the period that this list roughly covers — most mainstream musical “best” lists feature startlingly few women, especially in their top ranks …

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