Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Radiohead does a breakdown of every track on OK Computer

Radiohead has clearly embraced the excitement centered on the 20th anniversary of its breakout smash album OK Computer, issuing an anniversary re-release titled OKNOTOK, and generally acting like a band of proud, nostalgic music dads. Now, the band—plus friends, including the album’s producer, Nigel Goodrich, and REM’s Michael Stipe—has gotten together to give Rolling Stone a definitive oral history of the early history of Radiohead, including track-by-track breakdowns of all the songs on OK Computer.

The piece contains commentary from all five members of the band, who reflect on the stresses of their early touring, their initial reception in America, and factoids about the various songs. (Oh, and the time they spent a month living in Jane Seymour’s “very haunted” English estate.)

The song breakdowns, especially, are an interesting look at how the members of Radiohead see themselves. There are, for instance, a number of …

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